Spring Break Activities by Toddler for Toddlers

by Jill Morgenstern


House bound during spring break and it’s getting you down?  Never fear!  These activities are the very best toddler entertainment and can be done from the comfort of your own home!

 All activities are guaranteed to be toddler tested and approved for fun, because they were ‘written’ by one:11 Activities for Spring Break, as told by a Toddler

1.  Overfeed pets.  Spill dog/cat food over the sides of the bowl and refuse to clean up.

2.  Whine until someone lets you FaceTime with your Grandparents/Relatives.  Throw phone on the floor and run, laughing, out of the room.  Retrieve phone.  Throw phone into a dresser drawer and shut drawer.  Retrieve phone.  Repeat the words, “I gonna hang up on yoo!” ad infinitum or until the person on the other end hangs up on you first.

3.  Refuse adults’ demands to wipe after toileting.  Run from anyone wielding toilet paper.

4.  Draw a picture to mail to your cousin.  Decide to keep it instead.  Draw a picture for your grandmother.  Decide to keep it instead.  Draw a picture for your sister.  Decide to keep it instead.  Draw a picture on your progress report from preschool.  Mail that one.

5.  Swipe bottle cap from mommy’s much needed beer off the dinner table during dinner.  Pop it into your mouth and run away.

6.  During bath time, drink water from the tub.  Pull caulking off from between tub and wall.11 Activities for Spring Break, as told by a Toddler

7.  Announce intention to “go in duh kitchen!” Scale counter to reach banana. Open banana and mash into kitchen table.

8.  Dive headfirst into any bags of mulch or other gardening materials in the garage.  Pull out as much as possible before someone stops you.  Ideally this activity should be performed while one’s parents have their hands full already.   Directly after grocery shopping is an ideal time.

9.  Throw various objects from top of stairs.  Aim for as close to you can get to the window in the entryway at the bottom without actually hitting the glass.

10.  Color your feet brown with magic marker.  Actually, any color will do. 11 Activities for Spring Break, as told by a Toddler 

11.  Indict household pet in all infractions. Sentence pet to severe scolding.




I hope you were able to enjoy these spring break activities as much as I have!  And don’t worry about that second hour of spring break.  I’m sure the sun will be coming out soon, and you can get out of the house.

What kind of shenanigans does your toddler get into?