Winter break.  It’s here.  Be afraid, be very afraid.   Two weeks (or more) of no school.  Most of the kid’s friends are out of town, so playdates are limited.  If you are like me and getting panic attacks at the thought of being alone ALL DAY with the kids for this long,  just know that you are not alone.  I’ve devised a survival list for all my mommy soldiers, braving their way through this carnage called Christmas/Winter break.

Who's Hurt? What did ya break?


1.  Enjoy the sunrise.  Those little whippersnappers are up at the crack of dawn anyway, might as well make the most of it.  Does it matter that on school days you have to sound the bullhorn to get them out of bed, and even then it doesn’t work?  Nah.  Just enjoy the rooster crowing as you watch the sun come up.  Ooops, that wasn’t a rooster, that was just the dog because the baby pulled his tail.

2.  Learn About Animals in their Natural Habitat.  Did you know they use vocalizations, facial expressions and body language to communicate?  Did you know that grinning is a sign of aggression?  A group is called a troop?  Nope, I am not talking about your kids and their friends.  That’s actually monkeys.  But same thing.  Even with all that crazy chattering, it’s funny to see how they act when in the comforts of their own environment.  FYI, that was still in reference to monkeys, but, again, same thing.


Mom!  We're Hungry!

Mom! We’re Hungry!

3.  Play Hide and Seek.  Only without the seek.  Keep a pillow and a spare cell phone charger in the closet/bathroom/storage shed and give yourself a time out.  This is great fun for the kids, since you’ve left a trail of electronics on the path to your hiding place so that they know their way back get distracted and turn on the tv/play iPad.

4.  Indulge in Treats.  After a day of being stuck in the house because of crummy weather, it’s fun to build ginger bread houses (yes, another Hansel and Gretel reference) and let the kids go nuts.  Don’t worry, you won’t get stressed out seeing the sticky mess, since you’ll be doing #3, while eating an entire chocolate bar on your own, scarfing it down like an anteater that just found an ant colony.

5. Keep a Healthy Perspective.  Ok, healthy is relative.  That means that it’s totally ok to call your husband ten times a day, on the verge of tears, begging him to come home early.  You might even want to throw in an offer of an afternoon delight to entice him.  Anything to help you get through the day sane.  Ok, sane is also relative.  Maybe just “alive.”

6.  Be Flexible.  If you have more than one kid, you know that I don’t mean with your schedule; I’m talking literal flexibility.  Stretch out, moms.  Get ready to get pulled in one direction to play legos, and the other to play princess dress up AT THE SAME TIME.  If you have more than two, like I do, the fun is just beginning.  On the bright side, your body is limber and warmed up for said romp sesh if the hubby comes home to help out midday.

7.  Have Fun.  All jokes aside, try to find a few moments in each day that you can just appreciate how awesome the little rugrats really are.  Enjoy the laughs, the hugs, the cuddles, even the way they wipe their snot on your shoulder.  For me, it helps to go in to their rooms at night when they’re sleeping, so I can actually see them as the angels they refuse to be during the day!  I love ’em to bits, but how many more days til school starts again?