Kidney for Shahar

MrsMuffinTop tries to keep things light over here.  Our world has so much conflict, anger, sadness and negativity that I wanted this space to only be funny, good things.  But I’m venturing off that now, and for a very good reason.  I have a distant cousin who is desperately trying to find a kidney donor for her husband (A Kidney for Shahar).  They have two *small* kids and the thought of them growing up without a father is breaking my heart into a million pieces.  His kidney function is at 15% right now and the clock is ticking.Kidney for Shahar

Please, please, please consider getting tested to see if you could be a match or share with others so that they can try as well.  I know that as a community, we can help this family share enumerable happy memories for many years to come!



Since we are using social media to assist in Shahar’s kidney search, due to privacy concerns, you may enter any date as a birth date and “S” under last name. If you need assistance completing the form, please call the living donor transplant office at 916-734-2307.

Also, please note that we will not know if you have filled out the onlineinterest form or called UC Davis, unless you tell us. The process is completely confidential until there is a verified match and a person has decided to proceed with the donation. 

So to anyone who has filled out the form, we thank you here. We thank you deeply and from the bottoms of our hearts. We thank you as individuals and as a family and as parents – even considering such a gift is amazingly generous.

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