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I recently wrote a really fun article for, a Disney website for parents.  It’s such a great site, and truly an honor for me to have my work published by them!

My latest article is on how to apply your make up with one hand, since you’re holding the baby in the other!  It was a blast to do the photos for this piece, and my baby cooperated like a champ!  He’s actually a ham, and really loves being the center of attention (he’s the third kid.  I’m not surprised).

Please take a peek at the post, and let me know what you think!  You can find it here.  And if you decide to try out my make up tips, here’s a picture to help you get started!

Applying Make Up as Seen on Babble.comHere is a blurb of the article:

Getting ready to go out for date night when you have little ones can sometimes be a challenge, right moms? Whether it’s run-of-the-mill stalling from the kindergartener or teething from the baby, something always seems to interfere. And soon, you’re left with almost no time to make yourself feel sexy.

Since I have three kids ranging in ages from 1 to 6, I’ve gotten creative in my makeup routine for nights out with my husband. Here is my five-step tutorial on getting ready to go out on the town (ok, probably just a movie at the local theater, but still) with just one hand, since you’ll obviously be using the other to hold the baby/referee a fight between two kids/feed the dog/insert your struggle here.


Let me know if you’ll try my techniques!  Thanks for visiting!