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Water, Only Better!


If you haven’t heard about AquaBall, or seen it at your grocery store yet, let me tell you about this awesome water!  It’s sugar-free, and naturally flavored, but it’s also fortified with vitamins!  I haven’t struggled to get my kids to drink water since we discovered it (I was given a case for free, but have since bought more for my family).

I tasted the water, and decided to get creative with it since it was so delicious!  I stopped drinking soda a while ago, but still have a love affair with sparkling water.

I decided to freeze my Berry Frost flavor into ice cubes, and drop them into a room temperature glass of sparkling water.  It’s AMAZING.  So good in fact, that I started doing it when guests come over, and everyone loves it.  I discovered that the kids love it too, since it’s so much like soda pop, without all the added sugar and chemicals.  If you’re going to try it, all you need is:

  1. Bottle of your favorite AquaBall flavor
  2. Ice cube tray. I used a standard one, but you can get fun silicone shapes to add a cool touch.  You can find them on Amazon or at your local Home goods store.

That’s it!  You’re done.  It really is that easy to incorporate a healthy new habit into your lifestyle.

I drop some fresh fruit into it, and you can also add a sprig of mint.  For the Berry Frost flavor, I used a strawberry, and the kids love the Orange flavor with a slice of orange on their glass.  They said it’s better than getting a lemonade at the restaurant!  I use the empty bottles to put flowers in, and my kids love it.

I love everything there is about this awesome water, and I’m helping my kids stay hydrated and healthy, without adding any sugar to their diet.  Win – Win!








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