Bad Moms Review (With Free Download)

“When it comes to being a mom, I have no fucking clue what I’m doing!”

Does that statement resonate with you?  It did for me, in a big way.   I often joke that I wish there was a parenting manual.  Even if there was a guidebook for motherhood, I’d probably get the one for a 4 door sedan, when my kids are a sports car, mini van, and motorcycle.

Naturally, then, the movie Bad Moms intrigued me.  Mila Kunis, as Amy Mitchell, says early in the film, “Once a day I feel like a bad mom, crying in my car.  I’m screwing up all the time but love being a mom.”  If the movie ended there, I would have felt understood.  Legitimized.  That little statement captured a feeling that I think is universal.  Granted, I don’t have some of the hurdles that my peers around the world may have, still the feeling is the same, and that unites us.  But does the movie measure up to those feelings?

Bad Moms has an incredible cast.  Mila Kunis reunites with Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and the pair, along with Kathryn Hahn (Also reunites with Christina Applegate from Anchorman) form a trio of a gut-busting laugh squad.  Well, maybe not gut busting, since we’re probably all wearing our spanx, but you get the idea.  The energy these three have is unmistakable, and there were many times I laughed heartily out loud.  Most times, though, the writers exaggerated the situations in a cartoonish way; too extreme on either end to find a common ground.  Perhaps that’s the point the writers were trying to make: being so intense is ridiculous.  It was a proverbial mirror being held up, showing us how ridiculous it is trying to achieve perfection all the time.


To be frank,the title leaves an acrid taste in my mouth, because I think there really are bad moms out there.  The ones that look the other way when their new boyfriend touches their daughter, or the ones that leave her kids in the car to go inside a club because she didn’t want to pay for a sitter.  Yes, I realize that my statement comes off as judgmental, but in comparison to the character moms in the movie, that’s what I define as a “bad” mom.  I will never judge another mom for being late, being too strict, or too lenient.  I don’t care what you feed your kids, or how many after school classes they go to.  Honestly, I don’t even judge the mom that’s too poor to pay for a sitter and just wants a night out.  I get her.  I wish I knew her, so I could offer to watch them for a night, giving her a bit of freedom to blow off some steam.

Building a community of moms is something I think a lot of mothers struggle with.  We feel like the other moms may have it all put together, and that can sometimes be perceived as intimidating (spoiler: they most likely feel just like you and me).  Again, while exaggerated, I think the movie really grasps how divisive we really are with each other.  But you know what, don’t just take my word for it.  Click here and enter code X4J3JPN4F7TR to watch it for free.  ***Giveaway ended***

Don’t miss the end credits, that was my favorite part!  And if you want to make it a mom night with some of your other mama friends, check out this site for some inspiration (it even includes a recipe for a signature drink!).  Please come back and let me know what you thought of the movie!



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