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Los Angeles, why do you have to get so hot?!  This was the temperature today when I went to go pick up the kids from camp:

Bomb Pops


I could feel the sweat starting to bead on my forehead, and all I could think about were my days back in Canada, when it would occasionally snow in the summer time.

When the kids got in the car, the first thing they asked was, “Mom!  It’s so hot out, can we have Bomb Pops when we get home?”   As soon as the baby heard that, he started shouting, “Pop!  Pop!” in his sweet little 19 month old voice, proud that he can now vocalize what he wants.  How could I say no?  Normally, I save the Bomb Pops for weekends as a special treat, but since it was so hot out, and we’re already halfway through summer break, I broke the rules.  We headed over to Pavilions by MrMuffinTop’s office, and picked up a fresh box.

As soon as we got home, they were fighting over them:

Bomb Pops

All five of us had a Bomb Pop, which left us laughing at the way our tongues first turned red, then blue from the colors of our favorite rocket shaped treat!  I realized that it just doesn’t feel like summer without them…  It’s exciting that I can share something from my childhood with my own kids.

I’ve seen others in the grocery stores, but nothing is like the Original Bomb Pop, with the cool cherry, lime and blue raspberry flavors.   And I’m excited that I get to offer you guys a chance to get some Bomb Pops, too!  But it gets better…enter below for a Bomb Pop prize pack,  that includes swag to celebrate the rest of summer, with product coupons, a hat, beach towel and stickers….plus a $25 gift card!

The hat is so cute, check it out:

Bomb Pops

So what are you waiting for?  Enter below and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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