6 Easy Ways to Model While Breastfeeding

You Too Can Be a Breastfeeding Model Mom

by Gail Hoffer-Loibl

Breastfeeding has come out from under the nursing cover and into the pages of the glossiest fashion magazines. Who can forget the image of Alyssa Milano nursing her baby while her beauty team gets her ready for her Marie Claire photo shoot? Or Olivia Wilde, looking as fabulous as ever, gracing the pages of Glamour with a suckling child at her breast?Breastfeeding Model Mom

Even some ordinary breastfeeding women have received the star treatment. thanks to a new book called,”Breastfeeding Goddesses.” I have seen some of the photos, and these women look hot. Seriously, they are gorgeous.

Breastfeeding has gone glam.

As a mother who breastfed her first child for almost two years and is now nursing another, I certainly applaud any effort to de-stigmatize feeding children the old-fashioned way. There are plenty of boob pictures out there, why not include some that show what they are actually used for?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a glam squad to beautify us before our next nursing session. Worry not. With these easy steps, you too can capture yourself in all your breastfeeding glory.

1. Choose the right lighting. The morning sun is ideal, you can catch it during the hour your baby wants to nurse (right before you have to wake up anyway).

Breastfeeding Model Mom2. Keep your hair and makeup on point. I read somewhere that the “natural” look was in. Or did I just make that up?  Who knows, I’m sleep deprived!  Throw your hair up in a messy bun, and just call it tousled.

3. Wear the right clothes. Nothing screams sexy like the strap of a nursing bra peeking out the top of an oversized, milk stained t-shirt.

4. Show some skin. Go ahead and leave your boobs out. You can say it was a conscious choice — and had nothing to do with you forgetting to button your shirt.

5. Location. Location. Location. The toilet of a public restroom is “artsy” and as a bonus you won’t offend anyone with your lactating mammaries.

6. Use a naked baby. Diapers are for amateurs and catalog models.

Once you have mastered the art of breastfeeding modeling, be sure to share your photos everywhere. Why should Miranda Kerr and the rest of the Victoria’s Secret angels corner the market on lactating models? Time to get an agent.

Breastfeeding Model Mom

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