BuzzFeed Guest Post


Every once in a while, the stars align at the right time, and news of your dream job pop up in your inbox.  Since becoming a freelance writer, I’ve wanted work at BuzzFeed.  Their parenting section has grown over the last couple of years, and they’re looking to hire a new parenting writer.  My eyes lit up with wonder when I read the job posting, and I immediately sent my résumé over.

One of the steps to applying for a job there is to do a BuzzFeed Guest post.  With incredible guidance from Mike Spohr, Parenting Editor, I submitted my article.  And now I’m waiting.  Not so patiently, but I’m working on it.

buzzfeed guest post

Sidenote: Looking for a job is kind of like dating, and I forgot about that aspect of it.  It was always the wrong guys that gave me attention, and that’s how my writing-job search is going.  I’ve gotten two really solid interviews under my belt with offers supposedly coming my way, but all I want is to conquer the BuzzFeed mountain.  Old habits, I guess?

I’d love it if you popped over and checked it out.  Let me know your honest opinion on it.  BuzzFeed worthy?  Funny?  Not my best work?  I would appreciate your honest comments.  Check it out by clicking here and then letting me know your thoughts!


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