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Where Is MrsMuffinTop?

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Where (in the World) is MrsMuffinTop *sung to the theme song of “Carmen SanDiego” If you’ve clicked on this post, it means that you are probably wondering, “where is MrsMuffinTop?” I’ve received some sweet and thoughtful emails inquiring where I’ve…


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#changethedialogue I recently wrote an article about something that happened to me 16 years ago.  I was raped.  Sexually assaulted.  Molested.  There are so many words to describe what happened to me that night.  I had been drinking, and drunkenly…

Warning: You’re a Failure… and So Am I

New Ventures

Success stories — they’re everywhere.  All too often, we read articles and blogs about how people made their transition into the amazing positions they are now in.  From geek to chic, rags to riches; there are so many cliches to…

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