Is Your Relationship Tennis or Figure Skating?


After twenty years of marriage and nearly the same amount of time working as a relationship counselor, I’ve come to a conclusion: too many of us are playing singles tennis when we really should be brushing up on our couples’…


Who is Your Celebrity BFF? (quiz)

Humor, Relationships

Who is your celebrity BFF Quiz!   Have you ever thought to yourself while watching your favorite movie, “I should totally be friends with her?!”  Take this quiz to find out who your celebrity BFF should be! Powered by Interact


Am I a Cougar

Humor, Relationships, Uncategorized - Miscellaneous

by Nicole Henley When Anna Nicole Smith married Howard Marshall, most of us uttered “Gross.”  But instead of jabs at Mr. Marshall, Anna Nicole was labeled as a Gold Digger, and he gets applauded by his peers. Why do men…

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