Date Night at Home Ideas

Having to find a babysitter for date night isn’t always easy.  Sometimes, it can be completely impossible!  These days, with “thought they’d last forever” couples like Ben and Jen splitting up, it makes me want to try even harder to keep the spark alive in my marriage…but how?  We got tired of the movie-at-home in a pinch type of night, so we decided to get silly and creative!

Why should the kids be the ones having all the fun with their toys?  Short answer: They shouldn’t!  Here’s what we did for date night at home:

1.  Set the Mood.  

With three little ones around the house, it just isn’t safe to light candles anymore, so we don’t have any laying around (we have some in our emergency kit).  That doesn’t mean we can’t have mood lighting!  I picked up some glow sticks from the dollar bin at Target, and they’re perfect.  Just crack these babies open, set ’em on the coffee table/bedside table/dining room table, and dim the  lights.  BAM!  Instant romance!  Bonus points if you also crack open a bottle of wine!


Date Night at Home

2.  Give Massages.

Don’t just give your spouse/partner any old massage… use a Hot Wheels Monster Truck for some added pressure!  It’s just like a professional tool, but only costs about $1.29, and you probably have a dozen or so lying around the house (if your kids are anything like mine)!  Have a baby in the house?  Use some of that delicious smelling lotion to smooth the wheels over your, I mean your spouse/partner’s skin.  Aaaaaah, heaven!

Date Night at Home

3.  Dress Up

Who says you can’t borrow that Firefighter Helmet, or plastic handcuffs?  NO ONE, that’s who!  Spice up your pretend play, and use what you’ve got hanging around.  I’ll bet your husband has a secret thing for Elsa, so go ahead and put that wig on!

Date Night at Home

4.  Try Your Luck

It had been a while since I folded one of these, but it’s just like riding a bike!  Put in sexy moves, and enjoy the benefits as you two heat the room up with your excitement!  Some activities you may want to include:

  • Slowly kiss neck, minimum 30 seconds
  • Undress me with your teeth
  • Make out for 5 minutes

Date Night at Home

5.  Lock the Door

Seriously, don’t forget this step.  The last thing you want is your little ones walking in, wondering why Mommy is in handcuffs, and Daddy is wearing little brother’s Police Hat!
Kid catches parents having sex!


Or, if you’d rather go the traditional route, check out Monique’s website by clicking here!  Either way, have fun!

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