Did you notice it creeping up on the calendar?  It’s not just single people who dread Valentine’s Day, y’now.  Being married and having to force yourself to do something “romantic” is a lot of pressure.  Personally, I don’t need a new bottle perfume or a love letter on February 14th anymore than I need them on other days of the day year.  Sure, it’s nice, but why is it just one day of the year?  When we declare this love a “holiday,” we give non-romantics a free ride for the other 364 days a year!

So, instead of trying to come up with a last-minute gift on Saturday afternoon, why not have date night at home? Especially if you missed the boat on booking a sitter!  Keep this list handy, since I guarantee it’ll be a hit 363 days of the year.  I have to subtract a day for our birthday, and another for our anniversary!  FullSizeRender-23

1.  Decorate.  Tea lights are really cheap, especially at IKEA.  You don’t even need to make it in a lame heart shape like I tried to do here.  Just light a bunch of them, and dim the lights.  If you’re like me, and think, “the darker the better!” then flip ’em off completely!  DONE.  See how easy that was?!




2.  Wine.  I love Trader Joe’s and Costco, because they have awesome wines for great prices.  If you don’t know what kind of wine to buy, pick the one that has the label that you’re attracted to.  That old saying about books and judging and covers doesn’t apply to wine.  


3.  Order in.  We collect all the take out menus that are left in the mailbox and on our door, so it’s easy to just pick one when menusthe mood strikes.  Take the reins and make the whole order, and even set the table (paper is totally acceptable, since neither one of you will want to do dishes after you see what step 4 is).  This is your night to make your spouse feel pampered and special, so don’t forget to order their favorite dishes!




4.  Massage.  I really adore these massage bars from GoodVibes.com (I didn’t receive any compensation from them, this is just FullSizeRender-24really a product that I love).   I’ve used them for more than ten years, and they were my secret weapon for when I was dating a guy that I really liked.  THAT’S how long I’ve known about them.  They smell amazing, melt from the warmth of your body, and they don’t leave your skin feeling sticky or with a residue.  Pick a scent that you like, because they’re not one-use bars.  This will last you many, many massages (a great excuse for another date night!).  


5.  Protection.  Or Not.  Want another kid?  This is a great way to set the romantic stage.  Done with kids?  Don’t forget the protection!  I didn’t take a snap shot of what we use, since it’s really hard to take a picture of abstinence.  


How do you keep the romance alive, when you don’t have a babysitter, VD or not?