Part Deux of the Disney Cruise Review

Everyone with young kids talks about going on a Disney cruise…either they’ve done it, they’ve scheduled it, or they’re considering trying it.  I fall into a lesser known, more unpopular group, because I actually don’t want to go (I’ve changed my mind recently).

I love Disneyland.  I love Disneyland a lot.  Disney Cruise Review Part Deux

We have annual passes and go to the park every chance we get.  I don’t think it’s the happiest place on earth though, because I always see kids crying, but we always have fun.  And I’m good with that. I don’t need to be on a boat for seven days without any escape from Mickey Rodent or running into Elsa sunbathing on the Lido deck.

Disney Cruise Review Part Deux

But, some of you might not be like me…you may be teetering on booking your next family vacation on a cruise.  And I’m here to give you the best video reviews on Disney cruises ever made.  Stephanie of Moms Rule and her husband, Greg, recently took their family (three kids) on a cruise, and they’ve taped their thoughts on their trip in this two-part review.  Part One was posted last week, and you can see it here.  

Part Two features their thoughts on the private island, the onboard spa, the entertainment, and the value for the money.   Watch it now:



Did you miss the first part of the review?  You can watch it here or go directly to the Moms Rule YouTube channel.  But, trust me when I tell you that watching both parts is going to be well worth your while!!  

Let me now what you think in the comments, will you be booking a Disney cruise for your family?  And don’t forget to subscribe to the MomsRule YouTube channel!