Donate Hair to Locks of Love

My daughter, age 5, has always been attached to her hair.  She has received countless compliments on it, from the gorgeous color, to the natural way it curled on the bottom.

In October of 2013, my family and I went to visit my ailing mother in Canada.  My mother, in the middle of intense chemotherapy, didn’t want the kids to see her balding head, so she covered it with either a hat or her wig.  Even at the age of 3.5, my sweet little girl noticed, and asked my mom what happened to her hair.  After hearing the explanation, my baby girl decided to donate her hair to “sick people” who needed to have wigs.  **If you want to read the article about my mom, click here**

Even though the length of her hair has been enough to satisfy the terms (for the organizations that provide the service), she hasn’t been ready.  Until yesterday, July 29, 2015, that is.  She woke up determined to have her first hair cut.  I made the appointment for her to go after camp, thinking that I would have to cancel it, as she has done this a time or two before.

At 3:30 pm, the first words out of her mouth when she saw me were, “Can I get my haircut?”  and I knew this was it.  She was ready.  I learned an interesting thing on the drive over to the barbershop.  I wasn’t ready.  I kept hoping she would ask me to turn around, or tell me that she had changed her mind.  MrMuffinTop wasn’t ready, either.  When I texted him a picture of her in the chair, he hurriedly called me and pleaded, “Don’t cut her hair!  I love her long hair!”

She went through it, as brave as could be, ready to give a part of herself to someone less fortunate than she.  I’m so proud of her.  She is a kind, thoughtful, and giving person, and I hope to be half the person she is someday.

Here’s the video, where a part of my soul: my amazing daughter, puts good vibes into the world:


If the video above doesn’t play, click here to see the clip!  
***We donated her hair to Locks Of Love.  You can find out more about the organization by clicking here.  Thank you to Floyd’s Barbershop, and the amazing Leslie for being a part of our family history!

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