Happy Father’s Day!

Recently, I submitted a post on Father’s Day to the Today Show, in honor of my husband.  If you’re a regular reader of MrsMuffinTop, you may know that I like to give him a hard time about how he loves to drop his dirty laundry wherever he is, or how he always loses things.  This time, however, I wanted him to shine like the Knight he is, so I wrote my favorite qualities that he holds as a father, and published it in their parenting section.  A few days later, I received a wonderful surprise in my inbox.  The editors had chosen my piece to be featured on a Father’s Day segment with Willie Geist on what modern dads do!

On June 19th, 2015, the Today show will be reading an excerpt of the article, along with a photo of my husband (with two of our kids).  This is such a thrill for me; not only to be included in an amazing show, but that my husband will receive the accolades that he so richly deserves for being a great dad!!

Father's Day - Today ShowHere is a preview of the article:

2. He makes time for them. I know that when I call him to FaceTime with the baby, he’ll always answer the phone and make funny faces. He also takes them to practice riding their scooter/bike/throw a ball/whatever they want to do. Sure, a lot of dads do that, and I’m glad that my kids have one that does!

3. He makes them feel safe. Monsters? Not in our house. Separation anxiety? Nope. My husband will go to the kids when they cry at night, just to make them feel safe. Even when they’re just joking around and testing to make sure he’s still there.

To watch a clip of the segment, click here!!

If you’d like to read the whole article, please click here to go to the Today Show website!




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