Featured: Rape on YourTango

As a woman, and a mother to three, I never realized how important certain topics would become in my life.  Or to be more specific, how important rape and the discussions about it would become.  For me, even though I learned how to say no and always go in groups of friends, I didn’t know there were other kinds of rape than the aggressive/attack kind.  Not until I talked about my experience.  Rather, wrote about it…many years after it actually happened.

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The amazing site, YourTango, has re-published that article, and I’m honored to be on their website.  I hope my story can help others and in turn, help me teach my children what’s ok, how to treat others, and that they can always come to me with any issues and questions they may have.

Here is an excerpt of the article.  Click here to visit the site and read it in its entirety:

“He kissed me, and pulled me close to him as I tried to push him away. 

“No!” I said again.

Wasn’t that what they taught me to say? No means no, right? He pushed me on the bed and lifted my light blue sleeveless shirt with tiny butterflies over my head. 

“No,” I whispered. 

I didn’t give up trying to stop him, but my brain was spinning. Or was it the room? At this point, I remember thinking if I stopped fighting the nausea and let my body throw up, he might get grossed out and leave me alone. A moment later he was on top of me, on the bed, his hands inside my pants, pulling them down. 


Please support YourTango by visiting them (click here), and I always welcome comments.  If we can change the way we talk about rape, we can help prevent this from happening, or at the very least, help the person come forward.


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