Who doesn’t love a Girl’s Night Out (GNO)?  Time to relax, let loose, complain about husbands/kids/other friends.  It’s always something to look forward to, especially when it’s with a group of moms.  Y’now, the ones that have kids the same age as yours, and you all just “click” and have a great time together. Much like an episode of Sex and the City, all the moms have very distinct characteristics, and there’s always one of each in the group.  Here are the five moms of girls night out:

1.  The Flakey Mom.  She’s the one that excitedly talks about the get together all week leading up to it, and sends cute texts about how she “can’t wait” to hang out.  When you walk into the restaurant, one of the other gals tells you she’s not coming, since she’s tired/kids are sick/husband is working late.  There’s always a good excuse, but she always bails!

2.  The Way Too Happy to Be There Mom. She’s the one that’s starved for adult interaction, since she’s home with the kids all day long.  Everything is amazing and dramatic for this mom, since it doesn’t involve homework, diapers, or laundry.  “The food is so delicious!  TRY IT”  “Your hair is so soft! CAN I KEEP TOUCHING IT”
“Oh my gosh, did you see Ellen today?!  HILARIOUS!!!”

3.  The Unhappily Married Mom.  She’s constantly on the look out for hot men, single or not, and comments on what she’d do to them, “Oh, look at that one.  He’s yummy.  If I got my hands on him, I’d rock his world.”  After a couple of glasses of wine, she ends up flirting with the waiter.  This actually ends up being fun, since most of the time, dessert (or the whole check) ends up being comped.moms of girls night out

4.  The Know It All Mom.  This is the mom that makes comments on every story you tell about what she’d do differently, or what you did wrong.  Her family is always picture-perfect, and she’s the modern-day June Cleaver.  Why is she in the group anyway?

5.  Too Cool for You Mom.  Who can she possibly be texting, when all her friends are right there with her?  Yet she manages to keep her nose in her phone all night long, constantly asking, “What did you say?” or “What did I miss?”

Be honest: Which girls night out mom are you?


*this article also appeared on Modern Mom

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