Get Your Legs Summer Ready

Part of MrsMuffinTop’s new series, From Hot Mess to Hot Mom, this week’s topic is how to get your legs summer ready.  With a  little help from an affordable product, MrsMuffinTop shows you how you can fake that just back from vacation look.  Or if you’re like me, a total Sh!t Show and can’t even get yourself together enough to shave your legs, let alone go on a tropical vacation (even with the kids), this product will even blur the stubble… an amazing tool for someone like me, a person with fair skin and very dark (body) hair.

Get your legs summer readyIn under three minutes, I’ll teach you a trick I learned on how to get the most coverage and long-lasting wear from Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Leg Makeup.  You can find the product at any drug/beauty store, and even have it delivered to your door from sites like Amazon (slightly more expensive) or Walmart.

FYI – I’m not affiliated with Sally Hansen, and haven’t been compensated or gifted anything for making this video.  I truly love the product, and wanted to share one of my finds with all of you.  I hope my hacks on how to go from Hot Mess to Hot Mom help you feel more confident, satisfied, and ready to take on whatever the day brings you…even if it is dirty diapers and another game of Candyland! Don’t forget: the first step in going from Hot Mess to Hot Mom is letting go of negative thoughts, and knowing that you already *are* a hot mom, and just have to learn to accept it.  Still don’t believe that you can feel like a million bucks in sweats? Check out Episode 2 of the Sh!t Show, where I feature sweatpants that are chic, comfy, and economical!

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