Harebrained Book Review

by Ashford Evans

I received a copy of, “Harebrained” and got the kids settled down for naps, grabbed my snack, and curled up on the sofa. It didn’t take long to get pulled in by Meg Myers Morgan‘s writing. By chapter two, I was hooked.

The book is a collection of short stories, scenes, and even includes a poem. The stories range from intimately crafted personal memoirs, to humorous daily antics.  As a mother, I easily related to many of the parenting essays she wrote about with such humor and feeling, and as a woman, I related to our mutual hatred of “side salads” masquerading as meals. Admit it, you do too.

 Harebrained Book ReviewThe author offers the reader a window into her personal life with vivid descriptions, and the retelling of not only the stories themselves, but of the inner monologues that go along with them. She has shared her whole self, and after reading this fantastic book, I feel as though I know her as a friend.

 It is just as easy to pick up and read one story in a few stolen moments as it is to curl up and devour it in its entirety. This book is a great quick summer read.

 While reading, I laughed out loud at her misinterpretation of a writing assignment in college, and didn’t care that my husband looked at me weirdly. I shed a tear at the birth of her firstborn, and all the emotions and insecurities that come wrapped up with being a new mother. Even more so when that child ends up being hospitalized at a mere few days old.

 By far, my favorite chapter in the book when the author describes the most awkward moments of life. Things like making eye contact in a long hallway, or using the divider at the check out in the grocery line.  It was then that I realized that the author and I are soul mates. I could relate so well to these uncomfortable situations, as can most people. The beauty of these moments, which we all encounter, are normally things we don’t give a second thought to. They are fleeting instances of uncertainty that I never thought to put into words. She captures these moments expertly and puts into words what most cannot.

 Morgan has an uncanny ability to transport the reader into the scene, the very moments of her life. I can see the Sycamore tree in her yard. I can feel the icy waters of Loch Ness. I am there in the restaurant, soaking wet, at her ruined first family vacation (I think we’ve ALL had one of these.)Harebrained Book Review

 Her self-deprecating humor and raw honesty sets her apart from so many things I have read. If I could recommend just one book for you to read this summer, Meg Myers Morgan’s “Harebrained” is definitely it!

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Harebrained Book Review

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