Aaaaah, Monday, how I’ve missed you.  My favorite day of the week.  I know a lot of you reading this may think I’m crazy, and you could be right, but let me explain why before you call to put me on a Brittany Spears 5150 hold.

Having two preschool aged children and two dogs (one who sheds massive amounts with even a slight touch) means having two whole days of no school, no scheduled activities, and every meal and snack mostly at home.  We do go out to restaurants once on the weekend, and get out of the house, but for the most part, food is at home and activities are close to it, too.  Do you know how many dishes I actually wash on the weekend?!  I will never complain about having to pack a lunch during the week ever again!  I’d also like to mention that said activities are planned by MrsMuffinTop, too.  If I ever ask MrMuffinTop what he’d like to do, he almost always suggest going to the mall….I have never/will never understand why he says that.  I’m starting to think that it’s his canned response to get out of giving a thoughtful suggestion.  The after-school activities are so much easier to plan, since we have a schedule of therapies for my 4-year-old and classes for my 3-year-old, which leaves the window for needing to entertain much shorter than two whole days I need to fill on the weekend!

Are you wondering why I mentioned the dogs?  Well, my 4 and 3-year-old love our dogs. A lot.  They play with them and pet them, and don’t notice how our dark hardwood floors get covered in blonde dog hair.  It gets EVERYWHERE.  The playroom, the kitchen, the bedrooms, our clothes.  I’ve even found some of her hair in our food.  During the week, the kids are too busy and too tired to bug the dogs, and I sweep once a week!  The weekends: twice a day.

I also love Mondays because it gives me a chance to miss my husband a little more.  When he’s home with us on the weekends, it’s so great watching him play with the kids, and fixing the little odds-and-ends that need tending to.  But, in all honesty, he adds to my workload.  More laundry, more dishes, another person to keep busy, and get busy with.  I’m tired by the time the weekend comes around!  I know, I know, I’m breaking my own 5 rules by even admitting that I sometimes try to avoid being intimate, but I do.  On the weekends, it becomes more of a chore than something I look forward to.  Now, if he approached Mondays the same way I do, it would be a different story!

So there you have it, three amazing reasons why I love Mondays: Kids go back to school, I have less chores, and I get to miss the mister.  Now admit it.  You love Mondays, too.  Don’t you?!



This is how I feel on Monday morning after dropping the kids at school!