iZO Cleanse Review

In August 2015, I was still struggling to lose the last of my pregnancy weight from baby #3.  I blamed it on the cookies and cakes I had eaten in the last two weeks of pregnancy, after my mom died.  Those last nine pounds refused to budge, settling in nicely on my hips and stomach!  Luckily, some landed in my breasts, but I longed to wear all my old jeans again.  When the Beauty Editor at Brides Magazine asked if I’d be willing to try a 5-day juice cleanse, I jumped at the chance.

I did a bit of research before starting the iZO program, and was skeptical at some of the nay sayers.  Joy Dubost, a dietitian in Washington, D.C., said, “The body detoxifies itself naturally, primarily through the action of the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal (GI) tract. These organs help remove toxins or harmful substances that should not be stored in the body.”  In general, I think she’s right.  But what about all the diseases and auto-immune disorders out there?  Our bodies are inundated with a lot of chemicals, environmental and otherwise, that we haven’t been exposed to in the past.  Plus, I know a lot of people with liver and kidney failure, I have Crohn’s disease (among other auto-immune issues), and my mom died of pancreatic cancer.  I truly believe that our bodies are overworking to get rid of sugars, smog, additives, even “natural” scents and flavors.  With that in mind, I eagerly started my five days of only juice.  By eagerly, I mean I scarfed down a juicy hamburger and greasy fries…

Day 1 – Starting weight: 135.6 lbs

I expected to be hungry, but with THIRTEEN juices and teas, there wasn’t any time.  I coasted through the day with a lot of arrogance.  “I can totally do this! Bring it!”  I did a Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred video, I felt so good.

Day 2 – This day was the hardest.  I had a bad headache from the caffeine withdrawal, and even the CEO’s suggestion of taking extra laxatives didn’t help.  I had to really push through it.  I “cheated” when I had a *gasp* cucumber.  I thought that my headache was caused by not eating solid foods, but I quickly learned that wasn’t it.  At this point, I wasn’t sure if I should go on, but I had told my kids that I was doing it for five days, and I didn’t want them to see me quit.

Day 3 – Wow, what is this amazing feeling?  I felt like I had mental clarity, a lot of pep in my step, and I didn’t have the afternoon slump that I usually feel.  I felt well enough to exercise again!

Day 4 – I noticed that my seasonal allergy symptoms went away, and I wasn’t cranky with the kids when evening rolled around, with all their whining and bedtime stalling techniques.

Day 5 – I didn’t want the cleanse to end!  I felt so efficient: mentally and physically.  I actually said to Tim, the owner of iZO, “It makes me wonder why I even eat food at all.”

End Weight: 127.8 

Total weight lost: 7.8 lbs

Total weight gained since September, 2015: -2 (current weight 125.8)

iZo cleanse review


Final Thoughts: I would definitely recommend trying iZOcleanse!  Not just to lose weight, but for how incredible you feel while doing it.  I wasn’t drinking coffee, which I typically need to start my day, and I had more energy than normal.  I was sleeping like a log at night, and my mood was happy, when I honestly expected to feel cranky.  I wasn’t hungry at all, but maybe that’s because I had so much to drink…and on all five days, I didn’t even come close to finishing all the juices/teas.  Some I was of course happy not to finish, since I didn’t love the taste, but others were so delicious, I wanted to beg them for the recipe!

Not eating/chewing is very, very different and I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it for the entire five days, and I definitely wasn’t sure I’d make it past the horrid caffeine headache.  I’m so happy that I stuck with it.  Not only did I lose over 7 pounds, I kick-started my healthy lifestyle back into gear.  Summer was all about sugary drinks and take out (since it was too hot to cook), and now I’m back on my routine of taking care of myself and my family.  Tim was so helpful and gave me so many tips and his time.
I don’t have indigestion or problems in that area *Thank you, Crohn’s*, but I felt good in my gut while juicing.  It’s interesting to notice a difference, since it’s not a HUGE shift, but there is definitely a lighter, healthier feeling when you’re not taking in solid food.  Speaking of healthier, right after the cleanse, my entire family got sick.  My 6 year old had pneumonia, 5 year old had bronchitis, and the almost 2 year old had a sinus infection.  MrMuffinTop even had a cold.  Guess who stayed healthy?  That’s not a small feat for a gal with a compromised immune system, guys!
I am definitely going to do the iZO juice cleanse again, but next time, I’m going to cut back on caffeine the week prior, so I don’t shock my system so much.  I’ll probably start eating lighter foods a few days before, to help my body get used to the difference.  No hamburger and fries next time around!
If you’ve ever considered doing a juice cleanse, I think you should go for it!  If it isn’t for you, you can stop at any time!  I can even make it easier for you to decide.  Head over to iZO and enter promo code mrsmuffintop for 10% off your order.  If you don’t love it, I’ll eat my words…blended into one of iZO’s Energy juices!
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