Oh yes, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.  Teenagers are trying to get big, pouty lips like Kylie Jenner, and are putting their chops into shot glasses, Gatorade bottles, and other weird cylindrical objects to get the look.

Kylie Jenner Lip ChallengeSome of the results are pretty hilarious, only because well, I’m old!  If I can’t laugh and look at down at today’s youth, then what’s the point of aging?!

Then again, maybe these teeny boppers are onto something?  I mean, I do live in Los Angeles, the city of Angels…and by Angels, we mean dermatologists that have botox and other fillers ready and waiting for us!  I figured that I could save some money on a trip to the derm-to-the-stars, and decided to try the challenge.  And I recorded it on my iPhone, for you to laugh at me enjoy.

Here it is, my very first YouTube video, doing the Kylie Jenner (wait, she’s not a Kardashian?!) lip challenge!  And please visit my brand new, newborn baby channel and SUBSCRIBE!!!  I’ll be doing weekly videos (Mondays with MrsMuffinTop) that will hopefully help you start your week off right!



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