The Laundry Fairy by Erika Grediaga

Dear Family,

You might not have a single clean sock, or a fresh pair of undies to wear… and yet you believe in me: in my wonderful ability to magically transport from wherever I am, to wash and fold 5 loads of laundry so your linens, bloomers and trousers are folded and smelling of spring mornings. Never mind the mile-high heap in the hamper you can see before your eyes, eagerly waiting to be put away – for you, it is just a sign  that help is on the way, the proof that the job will get done soon (or eventually, at least). Never mind my warnings that I was going to be gone for a couple of days on a networking event (with other magical creatures just like me). That is definitely not the point. I know your faith in my endless power is true, and you’ll never dare doubt my ability to put everything together and in order (regardless of how tired I am).

Dear Family: The Laundry FairyChildren, let me tell you a story. The truth is that your Dad became aware of my existence and started believing in me, even before you were born. One day, his clothes started magically appearing clean and pressed in his closet, without lifting a finger. It was then that I got my name. Little did I know that the best was yet to come, as now, with 4 people in the house, the washer-dryer dance is performed at least 5 or 6 times a week (no matter if there’s a full moon or not).  Oh, I bow to the great God Maytag, who has made it possible for me to be engaged in other tasks, rather than devoting every single waking minute hunched over a wash sink to deliver the goods to you…

Be safe, my loves, make sure to tend to yourselves — even if the Supermarket fairy, the Cleaning fairy and the Make-sure-to-take-your-medicine fairy are also away. Rest assured, we will all be back home soon.

Love you, and please try not to wear dirty knickers,

The Laundry Fairy.

P.S. Do make sure to read the note from the Cooking Fairy, left right by the stove.


What kind of household Fairy are you??  Tell me your creative names!

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