So, you want to make octopus and jellyfish?  If you have kids, you probably have tiny people living in your house that love hot dogs.  Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to eat hot dogs, since my Grandfather was a butcher and knew exactly what went into those things.  But, isn’t the dream of every parent to give their kids what they never had?  So, I occasionally let my kids eat cow lips stuffed into casing.  It’s organic, so I don’t feel as guilty…
I don’t just put them into a bun, however.  I create an underwater theme for them, that gets the kids excited whenever they see  the hotdogs coming out of the fridge!  Here is how I do it.


Jellyfish and Octopus Kids Dinner

You’ll need:

1.  A box of spaghetti — I use whole grain

2.  Hot Dogs — I use organic and nitrite free

3.  Ketchup

4.  Seaweed Snacks


Step 1:

Jellyfish and Octopus Kids Dinner 

 Cut the hot dogs into one inch pieces.  

Step 2:

Jellyfish and Octopus Kids Dinner

 Gently push the spaghetti through the cut-up pieces of hot dog.  Do not push it all the way through the end pieces (those are the Jellyfish!).


Step 3:

Jellyfish and Octopus Kids DinnerAdd hot dogs and spaghetti to boiling water, and cook for 7-9 minutes.    

Step 4:

Jellyfish and Octopus Kids Dinner

While the food is cooking, “paint” fish wish air bubbles in ketchup on the plates.  

Step 5:

Jellyfish and Octopus Kids Dinner

Place seaweed on the plate.

Step 6:

Jellyfish and Octopus Kids Dinner

Gently remove the Jellyfish and Octopus from the water with tongs and lay them on the seaweed. Bon Appetit!


*****MrsMuffinTop’s recommendation is, if you have young kids, to get these plates.  They’re made by Corelle, are shatterproof, light, dishwasher and microwave safe.  They come in many designs.  The set you see here are just for my kids, but if you don’t want two sets of dishes, check these out.  You’ll never break a dish again!
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