I had to put into words how I feel about Maria, my cleaning lady.  She makes my life so much better.  I really love her, so I wrote her a poem, called An Ode to My Cleaning Lady: 

O Maria,

There was a time when mold, grime and dust,

Lined the floors, kitchen and walls.

I knew I had to find you,

Craigslist, and friends, I made so many calls.


I finally found you, my amour

The best person to clean my floor

You wash my dishes and my sheets too

What would I do, without you?


You pile all my books so I lose my place,cleaning supplies free

And sometimes miss a spot.

But you’re so good at what you do,

I know what a great thing I’ve got.


I don’t have to scrub or clean skid marks,

Or the toothpaste on the sink.

If you weren’t here, I’d lose my sanity,

It’s already on the brink.


The stove, my dear, has never been so shiny,

You mopped up all the crumbs and dried up soup.

There’s just one thing I need to ask

Please clean up the dog poop?


I love you, Dear Maria,

So much more than you know.

Sometimes I wish I could marry you,

Oh, how I love you so!


Never leave me, this please promise,

For without you, I would surely not survive.

Tending and caring for this house is just too much,

We’re a messy family of five!


O Maria,

I love you, I love you so.

Please, never go.


*Maria is the only help I have in the house, and I truly think she’s amazing.  Who helps you with your family chores?

***Writing this ode to my cleaning lady reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite movies, The Goonies.  Check it out!