Tips on Surviving Marriage

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Tips On Surviving Marriage – Featured on Dating Don’ts I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the site, Dating Don’ts.  It’s a very funny place for relationship humor.  If you haven’t visited yet, check out it. In the meantime,…

Throwback Thursday

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I don’t always like jumping on bandwagons, but I have to admit that throwback thursday (or #tbt as the kids call it) is a fun one. I’m one of those people who always gets caught up in the moment and…

The Hormone Zone

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The Hormone Zone! by Stephanie Lewis “You’re traveling to another dimension, a dimension not only of brain-fog and confusion, but also of mindless minutia and memory loss, a journey into a meltdown whose boundaries exceed the imagination. At the signpost…

Spread ‘Em: A Vagina Tale


Spread  ‘Em: A Vagina Tale by Amy Rafferty Slagle Once a year, women of all shapes, ages, and sizes make the dreaded, but necessary, trip to the gynecologist. There isn’t anything that can make this visit fun. This is a time in…

Pickled Feet

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by Sara Pittman My sweet “baby” boy is now a 4-year-old “little” boy reciting his ABC’s and preparing for Transitional Kindergarten or “TK” or whatever that kindergarten is before the real kindergarten. My point is: he’s not an adorable butterball-ish…

How to Make Bath Salts

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How to Make Bath Salts I love giving homemade gifts when I can, for just because reasons.  Valentine’s Day (when this post was first published) may not be “just because” but I like to give something other than candy and…

I Hate My Friend’s Kids


She’s BACK! The creator of Moms Rule, Stephanie Blum, is in her closet! If you haven’t seen any of these truly hilarious videos, you’re in luck! Here’s a two-minute clip from her confessional on why she hates her friend’s kids….

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