The Zen of Letting Go

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by Erez Batat I felt a pinch in my heart knowing this was the last time we would be together. I will never see her again; never be able to experience her intensity, the sheer power and fierce presence she fervently presents….

Play With Me — a Parody


Gone are the days of Weird Al Yankovich always on the radio with his awesome parodies (we still love him and buy his albums, though!).  But that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy poking fun at all the pop songs!…

How to Propose Murder

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by Jennifer Ammoscato Let me start by saying that I love my husband with all my heart. And, in the event of his demise, I will have an alibi. A few days ago, we were enjoying a romantic dinner when, àpropos of…

How I Lost My Heart


Walk into any store for the next month or so, and it will hit you in the face: Valentine’s Day decorations. Red hearts, pinks hearts; they’re everywhere. It’s not just decorations, either. Heart disease is a serious — and hot…

5 Secrets to Being a True Southern Belle


by Jennifer Oradat Growing up in Alabama, there were some things about the women I respected that I always wanted to emulate. They were the epitome of all things Southern, and I looked up to them. I’d love to say…

Work-Life Balance is Bull$h*t. There, I Said it.


Work Life Balance Tips by Jen Berson Alright, unpopular opinion time: There’s no such thing as work/life balance. Anyone who says they have achieved the perfect balance in their personal & professional lives is full of BS. I’m starting 2015…

How To End Your Guilt Over Your Parenting Style


by Morgan Carver Richards There it is.  You see the posts in your news feed, or you have someone tell you that you are doing it wrong. But you’re not doing it wrong (unless you are a raging drug addict…

Warning: You’re a Failure… and So Am I

New Ventures

Success stories — they’re everywhere.  All too often, we read articles and blogs about how people made their transition into the amazing positions they are now in.  From geek to chic, rags to riches; there are so many cliches to…

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