Dear Mom


Dear Mom, How are you, Mom? I’m doing well. The art of letter writing is almost obsolete, so I decided to sit down and write to you today. I’ve thought a lot lately, and I just wanted to tell you…

Autumn Applesauce


Autumn Applesauce In Autumn, when apples are in season, I love to make this recipe (why I call it Autumn Applesauce) and it is incredibly easy.  All of the prep comes from peeling and coring, and it’s really worth it….

I Wanna Hold Your Hand Review

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  Walking into the aptly named Theater of Note in Hollywood, one is immediately taken from the bright lights of day into the dark, brooding theater.  It’s black walls, and narrow lobby do not give away what is about to…

Gondi Persian Dumpling Recipe


Gondi Persian Dumpling Recipe This recipe is so easy, healthy and delicious.  High in protein and low in fat.  Kids love it, too! BROTH: 8-10 cups of water 1 packet of onion soup mix (this is my ‘secret’) 1/4 tsp…

Guilt, Loss, and Love

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**MrsMuffinTop preface:  This will be my last post on the death of my mom.  This specific topic has bothered me for a while and I needed to see if anyone else out there could relate.  After this, I will go…

I Ate My Placenta


I Ate My Placenta Flashback to 2008, in my OB/GYN’s office.  We were making jokes about women that mixed their placenta into milkshakes and smoothies, and some that even fried them up.  I think we got a few good minutes…

Non Dairy Coconut Dark Chocolate


Non Dairy Coconut Dark Chocolate There are many reasons for wanting a fantastic recipe for non dairy chocolate, lactose intolerance probably topping the list.  I’m on a dairy free diet while I’m nursing, but not having chocolate is a punishment…

Entry and Exit

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I am about three weeks way from my due date, and my husband and kids are very excited to meet and welcome this new life into our home.  I am also excited, the most I’ve been out of all three kids…


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I just realized that most of 2013 is already behind us, and we’ll soon enter into 2014.  That’s just one year before Marty McFly travelled thirty years ahead in Back To The Future Part II.  You know the one, where…

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