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Let's Eat Cake

Ideas For Almost Any Kids Halloween Party

Humor, Recipes

cheap football jerseys from China Check out division rivals or games like New england vs. And, yet again, a contest versus a high 10 conference opponent was over by Skuta Dan jersey halftime. Television has emerged to be a major…


I Ate My Placenta


I Ate My Placenta Flashback to 2008, in my OB/GYN’s office.  We were making jokes about women that mixed their placenta into milkshakes and smoothies, and some that even fried them up.  I think we got a few good minutes…


Non Dairy Coconut Dark Chocolate


Non Dairy Coconut Dark Chocolate There are many reasons for wanting a fantastic recipe for non dairy chocolate, lactose intolerance probably topping the list.  I’m on a dairy free diet while I’m nursing, but not having chocolate is a punishment…


Entry and Exit

Uncategorized - Miscellaneous

I am about three weeks way from my due date, and my husband and kids are very excited to meet and welcome this new life into our home.  I am also excited, the most I’ve been out of all three kids…



Uncategorized - Miscellaneous

I just realized that most of 2013 is already behind us, and we’ll soon enter into 2014.  That’s just one year before Marty McFly travelled thirty years ahead in Back To The Future Part II.  You know the one, where…


I’m Pregnant, Not Deaf


Have you ever met someone who didn’t think before talking, and just spilled any comment out of their mouth, regardless of the impact it would have on others?  Well, it seems that more people turn into this when they meet…


Facebook: Based on a True Story


The other day, while browsing on Facebook as I normally do in the bathroom a few times a day, I came across a picture of a 2-year-old (son of a friend) on a skateboard. Riding it. I knew it was…


Emotional Mama

Parenting, Uncategorized - Miscellaneous

If you keep up with MrsMuffinTop’s posts, you know by now that I am now pregnant with my third child.  The journey of motherhood has been a true roller coaster, from the moment the positive pregnancy turned up with my…


Friend Poem

Humor, Uncategorized - Miscellaneous

I wrote this poem when I was 13, the sole time I had ever been sent to the principal’s office.   I’ve remembered this one over the years, in reference to many good friends, and wanted to share it with you! FRIENDS…


I Love Mondays


Aaaaah, Monday, how I’ve missed you.  My favorite day of the week.  I know a lot of you reading this may think I’m crazy, and you could be right, but let me explain why before you call to put me…

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