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The Mom Birthday

Humor, Parenting, Uncategorized - Miscellaneous

The ‘Mom’ Birthday by Blair Armstrong   Pull up a chair younguns’….. let me tell you a little something about what birthdays can be like when you’re a 34-year old-mom. Y’now, the ‘mom birthday.’  I was reminded this morning that…


I Have a Muffin Top

Health, Humor, Uncategorized - Miscellaneous

I Have a Muffin Top by Kristina Cappetta The muffin top. Ugh. It’s one of the many things I can’t stand, especially on myself. It really doesn’t go with any outfit. It’s also much more attractive on the edible muffin, if…


Being a Woman is Hard


Being a Woman is Hard by Darla Halyk Being a woman is hard. Let’s peel away all the extremely important stuff. You know, like unequal pay, social stigmas, and that we live in a mainly misogynistic world. Catcalls as we…


15 Reasons Why I Am Average


True Life: I Am Average by Carli Katz For those of who you have never watched MTV’s series True Life, it is “narrated solely by its characters, each episode documents the unusual–and often remarkable–circumstances of real individuals…we’ve given all of them–and hundreds of…

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