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MrsMuffinTop compensates guest authors for ORIGINAL pieces only.  Previously published work is always welcome.  Payment for an original article is tracked and calculated by unique views over a 30 day period (from the day post is published).

UniqueViewers Compensation
0-600 $0
601-1000 $10
1001-3000 $20
3001-6000 $30
6001 + $40



please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to send your submission in!

What We Are Looking For: Topics can include parenting, relationships, family life and timely topics.  We also love DIY, recipes, and life hacks.  Relatable humor is best, and highly encouraged.  To get a good idea of what works, MrsMuffinTop suggest reading the site every day and following on all social media!

MrsMuffinTop will publish a limited number of original pieces each month,

How Long Should My Article Be?  Word count should be at least 400, and not exceeding 1000.  We are flexible, but keep in mind that shorter posts tend to do well with our audience.

How Do I Submit to MrsMuffinTop: To send in your work, please fill out the form below with your proposed piece. If your article is accepted, MrsMuffinTop will require a third person bio with any link backs you want included.  If you would like a photo to appear in your bio, please sign up for a Gravatar account by clicking here.  It will automatically update on MrsMuffinTop.

How Can I Get Views on My Post?  MrsMuffinTop loves social media, and you can often find her on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, and the list goes on!  Articles that are published get promoted through all the channels, but we’ve always said that you are your own best advertising, and social media is a wonderful way to showcase your published work.

NOTE: Payment is based on unique hits, and will be remitted 30 days after first being published.

We will answer every submission, but please be patient!  It can take up to two weeks to hear back.

*If you are submitting previously published work, please indicate when and where it has been featured, with a link on where it can be found.


Terms and Conditions:

1.  All work is your own and original.
2.  Work will not be published on any other site or publication (print or otherwise) for a duration of THIRTY days after going live.
3.   If article gets syndicated after the one month period, a footnote will be included to state, “As originally published on”
4.  Full cooperation of changes, revisions, or edits.
5.  If any statements, written or verbal, are found to be untrue (including but not limited to: copyright infringement, plagiarism, or libel), you agree to indemnify and hold MrsMuffinTop harmless for all liability, against any and all losses, damages, judgements, awards, penalties, suits, expenses, settlements and fines relating to any claim, action, suit, or proceeding brought on by you.

Fill out the information below, and then send your submission, following the directions in this post!



Submit to MrsMuffinTop

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