Welcome to week #2 of Sunday Sex Spiel With MrsMuffintop! 

I receive emails pretty often asking for advice on marital topics, most commonly in-the-bedroom issues, but include topics of every variety.  I don’t always have a good answer, or any answer, really, so I thought it would be fun to open it up to you guys, too!  The question or issue are posted anonymously, and you all get to offer your opinions and insight to the problem.  The only rule is to be respectful in your comments.  It’s okay to voice your opinion as long as you don’t degrade or bully others for theirs.  If you want to ask a question (remember, it’s anonymous!), email me: CLICK HERE and put Sunday Spiel in your subject line!


My 17 year old son has been dating a lovely young woman and things seemed to going well for a while but he is now in the doghouse in a very big way.  It started when he completely forgot her birthday (she did not forget his).  Then, as a belated gift, he bought her a Victoria Secret bra for her birthday present.  She interpreted that as a not so subtle hint that he wanted more out of the relationship, and it didn’t help that he got her the wrong bra size to boot.  She’s a SUNDAY SEX SPIEL-334C and he got a 34D, which she sarcastically called “wishful thinking” on his part. After a heated exchange, she exclaimed “You don’t respect women!” and flung the bra across the room. She then slapped his face and stormed off.  I think this could be a teachable moment for him, and I also think he can repair his relationship with his girlfriend if he goes about it the right way.  Just wondered if you had any nuggets of wisdom to offer.  I’m hoping this is the last time he has to learn a lesson with the ladies via a red hand print on the cheek!!


What would you tell this mom?  Let her know in the comments!