This week, I had a hard time going through my inbox, since I was receiving a lot of “fan” mail from one of my latest Huffington Post pieces.  And by fan mail, let me just say that of the ones I’ve read, half were kind, and the other half were just nasty.  So, there won’t be an advice question for today, since I’m avoiding my inbox, BUT, there will still be a Sunday Sex Spiel.

Introducing the Wankband.  It’s like Fitbit, but for masturbation.  What’s unique about the Wankband is that it stores energy, soSunday Sex: wankband you can then charge your electric devices directly from the energy source: you!  As an environmentalist, I think this is great.  I’m always looking for more ways to help the Earth, aside from letting my “yellow” mellow.

The device works when the person wearing it moves their arm in an up and down motion, transferring the energy into the Wankband.  It works for men and women.

Check out the video for Sunday Sex Spiel and let me know: will you use the Wankband?