How To Calm A Crying Baby


A Pediatrician’s Tip on How to Calm a Crying Baby I’m going to give you the long version of how to calm a crying baby.  When I had my first child in 2008, I was cocky.  I had so many…


Mom Superpowers

Humor, Parenting

Mom Superpowers Have you ever noticed the little things that appeared when you became a mom?  No, not the stretch marks or extra few pounds, but the awesome mom superpowers that are magically bestowed upon us when we conceive (or…


The Mom Birthday

Humor, Parenting, Uncategorized - Miscellaneous

The ‘Mom’ Birthday by Blair Armstrong   Pull up a chair younguns’….. let me tell you a little something about what birthdays can be like when you’re a 34-year old-mom. Y’now, the ‘mom birthday.’  I was reminded this morning that…


Dear Mom


Dear Mom, How are you, Mom? I’m doing well. The art of letter writing is almost obsolete, so I decided to sit down and write to you today. I’ve thought a lot lately, and I just wanted to tell you…


Judge or Chill?


The more moms I meet, the more I see it.  The look.  There’s a look that moms give each other, but it’s not just a casual glance or smile.  It’s a look that mothers of well behaved kids give the…

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