Tattoo Lipstick Peel

Have you ever heard of tattoo lipstick?  Peel off lipstick?  Maybe you’ve even seen it called Tattoo Lipstick Peel.  Well, I saw a clip on Facebook, and knew I had to try it.  I wouldn’t be MrsMuffinTop if I didn’t do silly sh*t, y’now!

tattoo lipstick peel

I ordered four colors from amazon, and they were ridiculously inexpensive.  The tattoo lipstick doesn’t come with instructions, but I’ve been wearing make up long enough to know how to apply gloss, right? Wrong.  This glop is really thick and sticky.  It’s very hard to get it where you want it to go.  After getting a lot on my teeth, I was good to go.  It smells faintly like medicine, but it’s not over-powering.  After applying it somewhat on my lips, I got excited.  Y’now what?  See for yourself:


I had originally thought this was going to be a lot funnier than it turned it out.  I envisioned a “Pinterest fail” type of video where hilarity would ensue.  I was really surprised to see that I *liked* this crap.  I will definitely recommend it to friends.  It’s very cheap so I’m a bit terrified about what is actually in it, but for the rare occasion I use it, I think I’ll live through any toxic chemical exposure.

If you’re thinking of trying it, here are my tips for the tattoo lipstick peel:

  1. Exfoliate lips.  I use my toothbrush, and swipe my lips after I’m done with my teeth, but you can use a scrub if you don’t want to be cheap like me.
  2. Line the lips with a (regular) lip liner.
  3. Apply slight pressure to the tube to evenly apply the gloss onto your lips.
  4. Have your smart phone/magazine/book/t.v. show ready to go for the ten minute wait.  TALKING IS NOT GOING TO HAPPPEN.
  5. Enjoy long-lasting lip color!  This didn’t last all day for me, but I drink a lot of wine coffee, so that could be why.

What do you think?  Are you going to try it?

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