by Morgan Carver Richards

In the past two years, I have logged over 200 hours in the air with my three small children. Not to mention, I used to be a flight attendant.  With all that experience, I thought I’d put together a list of helpful hints and tips to make traveling with toddlers and small kids a little less disastrous.

1.  PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS – Although it doesn’t seem like an item that is a necessity, I never leave for the airport without them. I have used them to collect trash on a long flight, wrap up a numero dos diaper, and catch projectile vomit at 30,000 ft. I haven’t tested it out yet, but I am pretty sure they would make a good parachute too, if needed. Just don’t quote me on it (Sorry Californians, I know you don’t have ’em anymore!  Maybe try the smaller bags used for produce!).

2.  LIQUIDS – TSA has made everyone’s lives more difficult by requiring liquids to be in containers of 3 oz or less. Long gone are the days of breezing through security with an orange juice splashed with vodka. However, if you are traveling with a baby or toddler, you can carry larger amounts of liquids (related to said baby or toddler). Breast milk, water for formula, and juice are all acceptable. Make sure all of your liquids are in a sippy cup or bottle so that it is obviously for your child. They will do a swab test to check the bottle or cup for explosives, but that is a small price to pay to skip paying $7 for a bottle of water in Untitled design-3the airport.

3. EMPTY WATER BOTTLES – Most airports around the country are getting on board with having water filling stations inside the terminal. You have to take an empty one through security and fill it up once inside, but that is much better than waiting for your flight attendant to bring you one ounce of water halfway through your flight.


*Baby carrier 

I could not have survived all of my travels without mine. It was perfect for having available hands in the airport, while still having control over my infant. You can’t wear it with your child inside for takeoff or landing, but the time in between is fair game.

*Ride-On Carry-On

I highly recommend this for toddlers. I avoid lugging around a stroller by strapping this genius contraption to my roller bag. It folds flat on your carry on so that it fits perfectly in the overhead bin.  Click here to find the Ride-On Carry-On.

*CARES strap system

Essentially a harness for small children or toddlers that was designed specifically for airplane seats. It gives an added boost of safety and comfort for your mini travel companions.  Click here to find it at

Remember these tips for traveling with toddlers on your next vacation, and I promise that you’ll be looking forward to your next flight, instead of dreading it!

Have any questions about traveling with toddlers, babies, or in general?  Ask me in the comments below!