Annoying things Non-Parents Say to Parents

A friend recently asked me what the hardest transition was when I became a mom.  I didn’t have an answer, because they were all hard.  Everything literally changed.  No stone was left unturned.  The woman who asked me is, of course, pregnant with her first.  I remember being in her shoes, and it wouldn’t have mattered if I gave it to her straight…she wouldn’t have believed me.  Because before you have kids, you just don’t have any idea how upside down your life gets turned, and how different it will forevermore be.  It wasn’t that long ago, before she got pregnant, that I made note of the comments she made and now I get the pleasure of throwing them back in her face sharing them with you.  Here are the top five annoying things people without kids say to people with kids:

5.  I know exactly what you mean, I have a puppy.  No, I’m sorry, you didn’t just compare a baby to a puppy, did you?!
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4.  *Yawn* I am SO tired.  Right.  You’re so tired.  How many times did the baby wake you up last night? Did your dog yak on the bedroom carpet at 1am too (yeah, in addition to my kids, I, too, have a dog)? Did your oldest wake up at 3 am because he “heard a monster” under the bed?  Hmph.  Tired.  Go back to your full night’s sleep in your big bed without a toddler kicking you in the face 10 times in the one hour of solid sleep that you’re actually getting.
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3.  I am so busy, I have no free time.  Honey, just wait until you have kids.  Then you’ll wonder what you did with alllllllllll that free time.
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2.  I’m totally broke, I went to three weddings in the last few months.  Ha!   In preschool, when kids are placed in classes by birthdays,  you will have a party every.  Single.  Weekend.  For two months straight.  Let’s not even talk about how a sitter is sometimes needed, since “Siblings Cannot Be Accommodated.”
Businesswoman Shows His Empty Pockets. Stock Footage

and, the Number 1 annoying thing people without kids say to people with kids is:

1.  When I have kids, I’ll never let them (Fill in the Blank). What, eat sugar? Watch TV? Talk to you like that?  Mmhmm.  Remember, I once stood exactly where you are standing.  And you will definitely let them (fill in the blank).
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What have you heard from your friends without kids?  Let me know in the comments! 

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