I recently got a makeover from an Emmy nominated daytime talk show, and it was an amazing experience!  The highlight of my beauty transformation was receiving a brand new Tria 4X!

photo 1


I was like a little kid on Christmas Morning getting that box in the mail! At least I imagine that’s how kids feel on Christmas, but I don’t celebrate it!  I am the person that reads every single groupon about laser hair removal, but never actually buys them.  I was always scared, or knew that committing to that many sessions just wasn’t realistic for my lifestyle or bank account.

Opening the box was even better.  The Tria is ergonomic and pretty (it’s pink!).

photo 2


You can have confidence in the Tria brand, since they take steps to ensure that you’re an ideal candidate for their laser.  After activating the product, you’re ready to go after charging!  All you do is shave the area you are going to treat, then unlock it on an area of your body (this process makes sure that your skin won’t burn from the laser).  Set the level at the highest you can handle, from 1 – 5.  I use a 3 and that’s enough for me.  It feels like getting a small static shock on the area you’re working on.  It’s there for the moment, and immediately subsides.  There is a counter, so for the first couple of times, pay attention how many flashes you can get per area, so that you can time when to do a certain area (legs will take more charges than upper lip and chin, for example).

photo 3-1

Tria Beauty says that you will see results after two times of use, but I actually noticed a difference after my first treatment.  Normally after a regular shave under my arms, I still have a stubbly feeling, but after using the Tria, it felt as though I had just had a waxing done!

The only thing I will warn you about is that the fan can get a little loud during recharge and occasionally during use, but this is so minor I debated even writing about it!

Bottom line: Using the Tria 4x is like losing your virginity.  You really didn’t know how amazing it could be until you actually got it.

If you want to see a clip of my segment, email me and I’ll send it right over!