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 like having coffee with your best friend who isn’t too shy to say everything you’re thinking!

Jacqui Zadik is the founder and creative talent behind MrsMuffintop, a site about surviving parenthood and everything that life throws at people in the first decade of parenting, marriage and the relationships that come with it. She is a regular contributor on Babble, The Today Show, Huffington Post, Kveller, Modern Mom, and several sites around the world, including All 4 Women in South Africa. In print, she has a regular monthly fictional feature in an international glossy magazine. She has stood on stage for Expressing Motherhood, and appeared on camera for The Talk, The Today Show, Buzzfeed, and more.  Jacqui was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for her dedication to her community.

Born and raised in Canada, Jacqui got her education in the Bay Area. She left her heart in San Francisco when she moved to L.A. to take on the role of Regional Director at a non-profit organization. Choosing to focus on the role of Mom, she left the work force and grant writing for diapers and PTA meetings. Currently, she is a mom of three, a freelance writer, and a proponent for other women who battle autoimmune disorders (of which she has three).

The name MrsMuffinTop was born shortly after Jacqui became a mother.  She had lost all of the baby weight, but her body didn’t go back to what it was before pregnancy.  The scale was at the same number, but she couldn’t button her pants!  And the ones that would zip up created the spillage over the top, giving her a muffin top.  Still a (sort of) newlywed, she turned to her husband and proudly declared, “Just call me MrsMuffinTop!”

Finding the humor in everything, including her muffin top, she started sharing the stories that most moms feel and think about, but are too shy or embarrassed to say out loud.


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