Where (in the World) is MrsMuffinTop

*sung to the theme song of “Carmen SanDiego”

If you’ve clicked on this post, it means that you are probably wondering, “where is MrsMuffinTop?” I’ve received some sweet and thoughtful emails inquiring where I’ve been, so I decided to  let you all know what’s been going on in the world of MrsMuffinTop.

If you’re craving some MrsMuffinTop humor and stories, I’m still publishing my work on many sites around the globe.  I have a couple of ghostwriting gigs, and am deep into the research on my novel.  I’ve done spokesperson work for some cool, unique news aggregated sites, too.  Add in three kids and a marriage (plus volunteer work) — I’m so busy, I’ve almost worked off my muffin top entirely!  Okay, that’s not even close to true, but I had to embellish so you all would get my point.

I still post funny videos, pictures, etc on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), and I’ll be covering LA’s Biggest Baby Shower for my favorite parenting site on March 7th (what would have been my mom’s 71st birthday) so follow their social media channels as well.  I’ll be giving clues on Facebook for which site it is, so that’s another reason to click the “Like” button (click here to visit MrsMuffinTop on Facebook)!  There’s one big project in the works that I’m still negotiating, and if it goes through, I will post about it right away!  Even thinking about it while typing that sentence makes me nervous and overjoyed.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I love reading your emails and seeing the comments on Facebook.  I also love it when you guys send me memes and videos to share, too.  So keep those coming’!

Lots of love, wine, and chocolate,


where is mrsmuffintop

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